A recent study by Cook Children’s Hospital found that unlike the rest of the state, where about 7 percent of children have asthma, 25 percent of children in North Texas have asthma.

Our air quality has deteriorated in recent years, and our county’s non-attainment status is now ranked “serious” by federal officials. Daily emissions from Barnett Shale drilling and production sites have been shown to equal the daily emissions from all the cars, trucks and planes in North Texas.

Moreover, the particulate pollution from a continuous drill site such as Hillwood’s – where a diesel rig can output 10,000 years worth of NOx in two month’s time – and fracking operations – which the town requires be done during daylight hours – is enough to trigger localized conditions and create problems for children with breathing difficulties.

ABCAlliance recommends that parents of children who suffer from asthma and allergies review their emergency plans with school personnel and monitor operations as best they can to avoid, but also plan for, breathing emergencies.

ABCAlliance also recommends that town officials require fenceline monitoring of operations so that school officials know to keep children indoors during high emissions events.